Awarded with  1   Michelin star

From  2000 -  2019 



A house all in wood, with a very welcoming environment, re

fined, comfortable and very rich in decorative elements. The interior is ideal for an intimate dinner in a discreet and high quality atmosphere. The wine list stands out for presenting the best referrals from Portugal and all over the world. Awarded with one Michelin star, the chef Henrique Leis gives a personal touch to the restaurant, by exhibiting his own paintings on the walls.

Horário de Funcionamento

Aberto de Terça-Feira a Sábado.

Almoços das 12:30h às 14:00h.

Jantares das 19:00h às 21:30h.


 Nos meses de Julho e Agosto aberto apenas para jantares.

De Segunda-feira a Sábado, das 19.00h às 22.30h.

Tlm: 913 254 322 

Tel:  289 393 438

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